Dear Friend,

While you use our parking for a brief respite, waiting to be dispatched, or shelter from a storm, we would like to make your stay more enjoyable by offering you internet service to check on your family, check your mail, access training or education, check the weather or news, or, watch a program. One request: Please do not abuse our courtesy, including by using our internet for illegal and/or unbecoming conduct.

If you wish to use an encrypted network for compliance purposes, or just to prevent others from snooping on your activities, you may connect to the Public Safety Friends network using this key/password (we recommend copying it and pasting):  uhToSBfqvCQ1ol5
We hope to have a better method soon.

You have been granted two (2) hours of use. If we see you connect in a consistent pattern over time, we may enable you to bypass the login portal. We do, however, implement reasonable speed and content filtering restrictions. iCloud Private Relay may not work on this network, and may need to be turned off/disabled before one can properly use this network.

These resources are always accessible without having to select the Access Internet button:

-  [Georgia Department of Transportation Highway Status]
-  [Adventist Community Services South Georgia]
-  [Adventist Development and Relief Agency]
-  [General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists]  [American Medical Response]
-  [Center for Disease Control and Prevention]
-  [Georgia Department of Public Health - EMS]
-  [Georgia State Patrol]
-  [Georgia Emergency Management Agency]
-  [Georgia Coordinating Center]
-  [American Medical Response Parent Company]
-  [Global/American Medical Response login portal]
-  [U.S. Department of Health and Human Services]
-  [City of LaGrange Government]
-  [City of LaGrange Government]
-  [City of LaGrange Fire Department]
-  [LaGrange Daily News]
-  [City of LaGrange Police Department]
-  [Troup County Government Employee Mail]
-  [National Emerging Special Pathogens Training and Education Center]
-  [Google News]
-  [Global Medical Response Employee Portal]
-  [Troup County Sheriff's Department]
-  [Troup County Government]
-  []
-  [National Hurricane Center]
-  []
-  [National Weather Service]
-  [Wellstar Medical System]
- Any IP address belonging to the City of LaGrange  [Allows for VPNs which may be required to access internal resources]


Your Friends,

The Seventh-day Adventists of LaGrange